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pana // fanmix : Metaphysical

series // Mononoke
theme // the medicine seller
style // fusion of traditional Asian with rap, r&b, and dance

full .zip
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01. RZA, "Opening Theme (Raise Your Sword Instrumental)"
~ instrumental ~


Evil spirits lurkin' within
Like a gang of hoods in da other world
Oh yeah, they be comin' up one by one
You can hear the sounds of them creepin' up

03. Cassidy, "I'm a Hustla (Apothecary Remix)"
Try and take my cake you gone take a slug
But you can take my information if you takin' drugs
'cause I can sell raid to a bug
I'm a hustla, I can sell salt to a slug 'cause
I'm a hustla

04. Jay Chou, "Huo Yuan Jia [Fearless]"
I have lived life and should live to the finish
Mistakes and weakness will never come from me
None can evade when our fine moves are executed

05. Aaliyah feat. Timbaland, "Try Again"
If at first you don't succeed
Then dust yourself off and try again
You can dust if off and try again, try again

06. Rin' feat. alan, "Sennen no Niji [Century-long Rainbow]"
Cherry blossoms, uneasy in the sky
Scattering like the powdery snow at midnight
The loneliness that grows in the heart
With another snow, it changes into a blue firefly, a phantom

07. Delerium, "Truly (Wise Buddah Radio Mix)"
And there is magic now, under blood red trees,
All the sky will scream a mystery
But if we're strangers here, from the day we are born
Why be afraid of freedom if it is yours?

08. Maaya Sakamoto, "Kiseki no Umi [Sea of Miracles]"
O Wind, I will stand and face you!
I will go and head for the brilliance
Embracing prayer to my heart,
I wander the seemingly dark future

09. Yoshida Brothers, "Storm (TM Mix)"

10. Poe, "Haunted (Chris Vrenna Remix)"
Come here
No I won't say please
One more look at the ghost
Before I'm gonna make it leave

11. Circa Survive, "The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is in the Dose"

Accomplishments are transient
They pulled me in unremittingly
Just lasting this long I feel relieved to let repetition save me

12. DJ Krush with Shin'ichi Kinoshita, "Beyond Raging Waves"


13. Dencyu + Momoeika, "Let's Go! Onmyouji"
When a person feels pain and sorrow, the darkness
Can grow in the crevices of that person's heart
In the darkness of that heart
The apparitions will enter without any mercy!
Therefore, even if it painful, don't be crushed!

14. Rin', "Jikuu [Space-time]"

15. Sugizo, "Metaphysical Missing (Grooverider Remix)"

16. Björk, "Wanderlust (Ratatat Remix)"
I feel at home
Whenever the unknown surrounds me
I receive its embrace
Aboard my floating house

17. Fort Minor, "Remember the Name (MoShang Chinese Chill Mix)"
Who the hell is he anyway?
He never really talks much
Never concerned with status but still leavin' them star struck

18. Kitaro, "Maboroshi [Illusion]"
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